Customer Feedback

Elbee - 

I bought two elbee's. I'm extremely impressed, and also my back thanks you  ; )

Kind regards 



Elbee 1210 -

Love it! Well built, sounds great, lightweight, and superb stage monitor. 

All the best



Embee 12 -

Sounds amazing, very well constructed and loving the angled handle thing, great idea.




Embee 12 -

Very well thought out little cab. Small footprint, sounds tight and punchy with a very solid low end.

The angle speaker is such a good idea, I can hear everything I play now. A new level in cab design. 

Well done guys.


Embee 12 -

Absolutely loving it. It's a seriously killer cab!


Elbee 10 -

Very impressed. Pocket sized cabinet, One of my best purchases..



Embee 12 - 

Awesome cab, lightweight, and excellent sound dispersion, can easily hold it’s own with a loud rock drummer.

Cheers, Jay

Embee 10 -

Bought one of these little buggers in August from The Gallery and absolutely love it. 

Embee 12 -

Clear and punchy across the whole frequency range, shifts some serious air for such a small cab.

Love the angled handles, really works. Well worth trying alongside the other cabs in the market. 


Embee 12 -

Aside from the volume and low end this little box puts out , the clarity and definition across the entire frequency range was amazing. Stand right over the cabinet and it sounds like it's at ear level 

Most innovative bass cabs on the market right now. Please keep on doing what you are doing because the bass world needs this. 

Elbee 1210 - 

I'm impressed with the concept and design and your products and extremely well built.



Embee 210 -

Just pickuped a embee 210. I’m proud to be part of the family now. 


Embee 12 - 

I’ve used many cabinets in my 30 years of playing, but never had such accurate and focused tone.

Couldn't be happier, fantastic job guys.



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