• 1 x 10" - 1 x 12"   • 750 Watts   • 23.8 kg   


• Coaxial tweeter   • 4 Ohms


Small cab with a big bottom

An enclosure designed to maximise the bottom end and volume from rear speaker output.  More info...


The optimum speaker angle for stage monitoring & forward throw!  More info...


At 750 watts, this super fast, responsive speaker delivers a crisp, clear punch.  Enough power to cover most small gigs.

Built to last

Rigidized steel grille provides the ultimate protection and steel corners for those little bumps in life. 

Why the angled handle?

A more ergonomic way for carrying cabinets in the two positions necessary to prevent strain injuries.  More info ...

Light in weight

But certainly not a lightweight! Cabinets are loaded with neodymium speakers and constructed with premium, lightweight birch plywood.


Constructed from high grade, void free birch plywood - the best choice for tight, low end tone. Extremely sturdy - it’s self-bracing design also reduces panel resonance.

Well connected

Two Neutrik speakon sockets for the best connection and high performance gauge wire deliver maximum detail to the speakers.

The finish

Hand applied coats of extremely tough, textured paint. No tearing, peeling or looking like a cats scratching post after awhile!

A nice high

Specific positioning of a powerful tweeter ensures a natural presence without harsh tones.


Impedance: 4 Ohms

Speaker: 1 x 10"  1 x 12" FaitalPRO

Bass Port: Front

Tweeter: Coaxial with attenuator

Power: 750W RMS

Inputs: 2 x Neutrik Speakon (parallel) 

Sensitivity: (1W/1m) 97 dB

Frequency Range: 45 - 20,000 Hz

Height: 60.1 cm - 23.66”

Width: 37 cm - 14.57”

Depth: 45 cm - 17.72”

Weight: 23.8 kg - 52.47 lbs

These are just numbers - Hear it, feel it.

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2021 DB Bass